$217.00 Inc GST
Part Number: ADU5789MS


With this distributor, use the standard points coil GCL216.

"A" Plus Negative earth Vacuum Distributor for any 998cc from 1980 on.

From 1982 on, 998cc were fitted with a ballast coil which means a new wire must be fitted from fuse box top left terminal where there is a large white cable to the red wire on distributor.

Failure to do this or incorrect wiring may destroy module and void warranty.

The modern demands of fuel economy and performance with the very poor petrol available today often makes a "vacuum advance" distributor a must.

Original points type was fitted from 1989 on for use with original lead free head engines but this covers all.

For a replacement ignition module, see CMSK40.


Suitable for negative earth cars only and use the standard points coil only.


Ensure the live 12 volt feed wire is connected to the positive terminal on the coil, with the ignition turned off then connect the red wire to the positive terminal,

Then connect the black wire to the negative terminal.