$250.00 Inc GST
Part Number: BAU1962MS


Use the standard points coil GCL216 with this distributor.

Negative earth ONLY.

45D electronic (contactless) Pre A plus distributor .

Replaces 41824A and 41418 plus any 998/1098cc up to the changeover of A plus type distributors.

These new reproduction units are Pre A pLUS 45D type. Universally set up for any 998/1098cc/1275cc, even allegro and Maxi 1500/1750cc from 1974 to 1977 and they work fine on any other year 998/1098cc minis also. The distributor curves on this make it so universal for may uses, but for 1275cc even with mild tune we advise 12G4180MS

Range of modern day curve distributors from minispares-

GEU930 25D 850/early 998

12G2140 23D Cooper S non vac

BAU1962 45D 998/1098

ADU5789 59D 998 A plus

12G4180 45D 1275cc with vac, good for modified road tune engines

ADU3825 59D 1275 with vac, A Plus good for modified road tune

For electronic versions add suffix MS- example= ADU5789MS

Mini Spares specification for best all round performance electric distributor for std to 276 camshaft profiles see C-27H7698

​See CMSK40 for replacement ignition module.

Suitable for negative earth cars only and use the standard points coil only.


Ensure the live 12 volt feed wire is connected to the positive terminal on the coil, with the ignition turned off then connect the red wire to the positive terminal,

Then connect  the  black wire  to the negative terminal.