$65.00 Inc GST
Part Number: GEG300

Performance Copper/steel head gasket.

Based on the original AF460 pre 2000 design plus the old Payen Special tuning C-AHT188 with superior sealing rings.

With modern day technology and NON asbestos legal requirements this gasket is made on our own tooling with 3 expansion holes smaller than original C-AHT188 but with the superior sealing rings now required.

Suitable for all 1275 large bores the compressed volume is 3.4cc.

This gasket was originally tested in 2013 on Bil Richards 1380cc 8 port head race car for 500 laps and was in perfect condition when taken off. Since then many big names in the tuning world have adopted use of this gasket owing to the poor reliability of other gasket manufacturers who were once held in high esteem.

Introduced to the market in May 2013.