$165.00 Inc GST
Part Number: GMC1008


This new type plastic bodied clutch master cylinder is a replacement for almost every Mini ever made. While the part numbers have changed over the years, the shape, size and function has been the same.


These new plastic master cylinders will work in all Minis.


The master cylinder is the heart of any hydraulic system and the hardest to troubleshoot. A pedal that can be slowly pushed to the floor indicated the master cylinder is worn. Fluid dripping off either the brake or clutch pedal is a sure sign that the respective master cylinder is leaking. The original metal type is available as AAU4969 for the purists.

AP will be changing these cylinders from the golden colour to a light olive colour. The reason for this is that all products must be free from Hexavalent by 2007 which gives this gold colour during the plating process.

(These regulations came out in 2003 as the "End of life" vehicles 2003).