$425.00 Inc GST
Part Number: ARP1106


Upgraded radiator with 3 inline tubes and large V shape fins, used by some Cooper S Historic racers. Has 7 V shape or 14 fins/gills. C-ARA4442 has 12 per inch.

This has 3 large oval shape in line tubes whereas ARP2000 has 3 offset tubes.

It seems to have a better heat dispensation when engine is turned off, by not boiling over and loosing water and holding pressure when used with 15lb rad cap. The fins allow more air through when stationary.Same top tank as all our special radiators, but does not have any drain plug or sensor hole in bottom tank so only fits mini to 1991.

As used by Peter Baldwin the Mini Miglia champion and other Historic drivers. On the road seems equal to our 2 core type but has no drain hole or facility for fan switch.

Not suitable for grasstrack or Autocross as any heavy deluge of mud or muck could block or damage the large V shaped fins in the core.

The 2 piece radiator cowling fitted to Cooper and S is available as ARA2770 and this rad fits Mk1/2 engine bay perfectly.

If your engine still overheats check the water pump for cavitation as caused on non genuine pumps and always fit an electric fan if engine is well tuned.