$215.00 Inc GST
Part Number: C-AHT280


EN24 Nickel Chrome moly steel studs, Competition head stud kit (11 studs, nuts & washers.) 4 long and 7 short.

This special kit was developed to replace the increasingly inconsistent standard items. The studs are manufactured in selected hi-grade steel and produced to exacting specifications. These studs do not stretch, so they pull the head down, not the thread up, this vastly increases head gasket life, even on high compression engines.

Special thick washers, countersunk on one side, help clamping capability and reduce thread bottoming of the nuts. Note that even replacing the head bolt with a stud, only torque that stud to the factory recommended spec (25 ft/lbs), the other studs can be torqued to 65ft/lbs with oil, 55ft/lbs with ARP lube.