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Part Number: GEU250
Most MGBs are wired for five-terminal alternators. As the five-terminal alternator is N.L.A., the current three-terminal alternator must be substituted. These wiring instructions supplied by Lucas outline the conversion procedure.
To wire a three-terminal alternator, use plug # GEU250 and proceed as follows:

• Disconnect Battery.

• Cut off wiring terminal plugs from alternator wiring.

• Remove and discard link wire.

• Remove one inch harness tape.

• Slide small insulator over remaining IND wire (brown/yellow) and solder to the small terminal.

• The brown and black wires are not used, tape them separately back to the harness.

• Connect the small brown/yellow IND wire to the small terminal on the alternator.

• Connect the brown/white [positive wire] to either of the large terminals.

• Reconnect the battery.